Science & Public Policy 101: What is the science-policy interface?

Science & Public Policy 101 is the next event in the Toronto Science Policy Network’s 101 workshop series, where Dr. Nicole Klenk (Professor in Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto) will lead participants through the basics of what the science-policy interface is and how it is different from science policy.

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to identify stake holders in the science-policy interface, the types of evidence used in decision-making, and how science is communicated to policy-makers and politicians.

In addition, workshop participants will be invited to complete a pre- and post-workshop survey at the beginning and end of the workshop, respectively. The Toronto Science Policy Network will use findings from the surveys and workshop discussions to prepare a report on student trainee understanding of the science-policy interface. All student participants will be acknowledged in the report, to be released in early 2019.

If you would like to have the Science & Public Policy 101 workshop video-cast to either of the satellite campuses (UTSC or UTM) please email TSPN!

This event is made possible through funding and support from the Student Initiative Fund, the University of Toronto’s Chemistry Department, and CICToronto.

Please register for the event on Eventbrite:

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