101 Workshop Series

In this series, we invite experts to help build skills that scientists need to engage in the science-policy interface. Here are all the workshops we have held to date.

February 23 2021

Open Science 101

We hosted Dr. Monica Granados (Policy Advisor at Environment and Climate Change Canada) to discuss the importance of open science and how to make science accessible. We thank the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies Event Fund for sponsoring this event.

October 21 2020

The Role of Science in Public Policy

Dr. Maurice Bitran, Senior Fellow at the Munk School, discussed how scientists can impact policymaking. Participants took part in an activity focusing on finding a common language between scientists and policymakers.

February 27 2020

Evidence To Policy 101

In this workshop, we hosted Dr. Chelsea Rochman — an assistant professor at the University of Toronto’s Ecology & Evolutionary Biology department. This workshop was possible thanks to funding support from the You’re Next Career Network and the University of Toronto Engineering Alumni Association.

November 28 2019

Media Relations 101

We hosted two Faculty of Medicine communications professionals: Liam Mitchell (Associate Director of Communications) and Gabrielle (Gabe) Giroday (Communications and Media Relations Specialist).

March 14 2019

Science Communication 101

With the generous support of the UTM Office of the Vice-Principal Academic and Dean, we invited Sasha Weiditch (UTM PhD candidate; science communicator) to lead a workshop on how to make science accessible to a broad audience.

January 17 2019

Policy Writing 101

This workshop was led by Hema Vyas, a professional Policy Advisor. This event was made possible through funding from the ChemClub, and CICToronto.

November 13 2018

Science & Public Policy 101

Although, our invited workshop speaker Dr. Nicole Klenk (Professor in Environmental Studies at the University of Toronto) was unable to attend on the day, her PhD student, Brian Pentz, stepped in and led this workshop. This workshop was possible thanks to our sponsors: the UofT Student Initiative Fund, the University of Toronto’s Chemistry Department, and the Chemical Institute of Canada — Toronto Section.

October 13 2018

Science Advocacy 101

Our first workshop featured Dr. Katie Gibbs, the Executive Director of Evidence for Democracy (E4D). This workshop was possible thanks to our sponsors: the UofT Student Initiative Fund, UofT ChemClub, and the Chemical Institute of Canada — Toronto Section.