In July 2018, the Toronto Science Policy Network was co-founded by the following individuals.

Dr. Molly Sung

Molly received her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Toronto where she studied the design of metal-based catalysts for conversion of CO2 to fuels. She is a vocal proponent of changing the culture of graduate departments (particularly her own) from a academic-pipeline towards an experience that prepares students for a diverse range of careers. Prior to co-founding TSPN, Molly served as chair for the Toronto branch of the Chemical Institute of Canada and established their policy initiatives to engage local politicians and candidates on science issues and policies. She currently serves on the Youth Council of the Chief Scientist of Canada.


Dr. Ellen Gute

Ellen received her PhD in Physical & Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto where she investigated ice processes in clouds towards improved weather and climate models. She did her bachelor and master level studies at the University of Mainz (Germany) where she graduated with a diplom degree in Meteorology (equivalent to a master’s degree). Ellen cares about meaningful implementation of research findings into public policies towards a sustainable world. She is a Science outside the Lab North alumna and co-founder of the Toronto Science Policy Network.


Farah Qaiser

Farah is a graduate student at the University of Toronto’s Molecular Genetics department, where her research involves sequencing patient DNA (whole genome sequencing) to better understand complex neurological disorders. When not in the lab, Farah writes, speaks and organizes various science communication, policy and outreach initiatives. Of note, Farah was a member of the organizing committee for the 2018 Toronto March for Science before co-founding the Toronto Science Policy Network.

Sivani Baskaran

Sivani is a PhD candidate in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Toronto. Her research looks at methods for measuring and predicting physical-chemical properties that are important in identifying chemicals that have the potential to build up in air-breathing species. She became interested in science policy during her undergraduate degree. Sivani has actively been engaged with the graduate community at the University of Toronto and co-founded of the Toronto Science Policy Network.


Dr. Vasa Lukich

Vasa is a Research Intern at the Council of Canadian Academies. Her doctoral research involved reconstructing past environments at an archaeological locality in South Africa to understand the history of human occupation and behaviour at the site for the last 200,000 years. Vasa is committed to sharing her enthusiasm for science with a wider audience in both academic and public domains. She is a Science outside the Lab North alumna and co-founder of the Toronto Science Policy Network.