Logo of the Toronto Science Policy Network.

The Toronto Science Policy Network is a student-run science policy group which provides a platform to learn more about and engage in science policy.

Since July 2018, we have organized a variety of events (including workshops, public panels and talks) and advocacy efforts, engaging over 300 individuals to date. While we are a recognized campus group at the University of Toronto, we welcome members outside the university to join. Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you study or actively work in the sciences, social sciences, or humanities.

Events & Campaigns

Throughout the year we host workshops, public panels and talks. In this past year, we’ve also led a few science advocacy campaigns too. Check back soon for details on our upcoming events!

Co-Marketing Director By-Election

TSPN is holding a by-election to fill the position of “Co-Marketing Director” (1 of 2) on our executive team through the 2020-2021 academic year! If you are interested in this opportunity to contribute to increasing science culture at U of T.

Nominations will be open from January 20 through to February 3 2021. If you have any questions about the role, the election process, or anything related to TSPN, don’t hesitate to send me a DM here on Slack or an email! Please note, that while TSPN is open to everyone, executive positions can only be held by members of the U of T community that are actively involved with the group (e.g., attending TSPN events).

Science Policy Trivia & Networking

Join us on Saturday February 6th at 4 PM EST for another night of trivia! This month we have guest host, Dr. Molly Sung, co-founder of TSPN.

Everyone will be randomly assigned teams, so come on your own or bring a few friends with you.


TSPN Talks with
Dr. Masha Cemma

Missed our talk with Dr. Masha Cemma? Watch the recording on YouTube or read the summary on Medium.

Welcome to the newest members of the TSPN team.

Following our Fall By-elections we welcome Sophie, Kaitlin, Camilla, and Ben to the TSPN Executive Team.

  • On December 17th, we held a virtual TSPN Talks with Dr. Masha Cemma, Policy Advisor to the Chief Science Advisor of Canada. This event gave the UofT community as well […]
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