2021-2022 Team

Executive Team

Frank Telfer, Co-President

Frank is a graduate student in the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto, studying Genetics and Genome Biology at the Hospital for Sick Children. Frank’s research focuses on identifying and characterizing novel modalities for reducing cancer risk/preventing cancer in children and young adults who are at increased risk due a mutation inherited from their parents. Outside of the lab, Frank works on expanding and improving science culture in his local community and throughout Canada through his leadership of and participation in a variety of education and advocacy initiatives. Frank is highly passionate about evidence-informed decision-making, especially in the sphere of health policy, and has been a member of TSPN since its first year.

@franktelfer | tspn.president@gmail.com

Isabella Lim, Co-President

Isabella Lim is a third year PhD student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto. Her research lies within visual attention and memory, specifically how visual attention is guided by categorical information. Through the TSPN she hopes to foster a community enthusiastic for evidence-based policy issues, both within and outside of academia. Outside of school she enjoys horror movies and going to concerts.


Kaitlin Kharas, Treasurer

Kaitlin is PhD candidate in the department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto. Her research, at the Hospital for Sick Children, focuses on the role of immune cells in the growth and progression of pediatric brain cancers. Kaitlin is excited to join TSPN as she has a strong interest in promoting public scientific literacy, as well as an interest in how science can inform thoughtful policy.


Dawn Bannerman, External Affairs Director

Dawn Bannerman is a PhD student at the University of Toronto in Chemical Engineering with a collaborative specialization in Biomedical Engineering. Her research focuses on cardiac tissue engineering approaches to improve heart function after a heart attack. She joined TSPN in its first year because she cares about the use of scientific evidence to inform decisions that lead toward a healthy population and environment.

Leanna Kalinowski, Internal Affairs Director

Maria Medeleanu, Co-Marketing Director

Maria is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Physiology (Cardiology and Respiratory Platform) and SickKids Hospital, studying how early-life exposures affect immune development and pediatric asthma. Maria is also deeply interested in Public Health Policy and is receiving a Collaborative Specialization in Public Health Policy at Dalla Lana School of Public Health. She is the returning marketing director of TSPN and is excited to continue its mission in developing educational events and a platform to engage in evidence-informed science policy.

Rebekah Reuben, Executive-at-Large

Rebekah Reuben is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto. Her
research investigates the role estrogen loss contributes to sex differences in cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s
disease. Rebekah is passionate about research and evidence-informed approaches for science and health policy.


Bipin Kumar, Executive-at-Large

Bio coming soon!