Science Advocacy 101: How to Inform and Influence Policy

How can we as scientists and academics you can inform and influence policy? Learn more at our first 101 event! Our 101 Series will be a set of workshops on science advocacy, policy and communication held though out the year.

We are  partnering with Evidence for Democracy to bring you our first workshop, and 101 event. Dr. Katie Gibbs, the executive director of Evidence for Democracy, will be leading a workshop on the basics of:

WHAT is science policy? | WHY is it important? | HOW to do it effectively?

Participants will then have the chance to practice their science advocacy skills and gain some valuable feedback from one of Canada’s leading science advocates.

Evidence for Democracy is Canada’s leading fact-driven, non-partisan non-profit organization promoting evidence-based decision making. Their issue-based campaigns focus on issues affecting science and public policy in Canada. Notable campaigns include the Science Pledge, the #SupportTheReport campaign to promote fundamental science, and a campaign to save federally funded climate science.

To attend the event please register for FREE on Eventbrite.

You can also find our event on Facebook and LinkedIn!


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