Report Coverage: The Early Impacts of COVID-19 on Graduate Students

TSPN is hosting a panel at the Canadian Science Policy Conference on November 17th on how graduate students and post-doctoral fellows are being impacted by COVID-19 and the implications for the future of Canadian science and research.

The report was featured in the Chemical Institute of Canada’s magazine.

Farah spoke with Broad Science’s Alyssa Favreau and Rackeb Tesfaye about the challenges graduate student are facing in the wake of COVID-19.

Sivani and Frank presented a webinar with the key findings and recommendations from the report.

Sivani Baskaran and Frank Telfer spoke with Don Hill for Genome Alberta’s Podcast and Blog about some of the report’s key recommendations.

Farah Qaiser spoke with reporter Christine Ro about some of the report findings in this Nature Careers News article.

Brandon Rowe interviewed Farah about how graduate students are being impacted by COVID-19.